Storyline: The modern crisis that not only Europe is facing today is characterized by a huge political vacuum that leaves people disoriented, stuck between a past now long gone, and little hope for the future. Young people are the ones most affected by this situation, having hardly any example to follow and not much left to believe in, yet there was a time when a similar crisis was overcome. Reading the present through the eyes of Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, Pietro Nenni, who led the Italian Socialist Party for years and Sandro Pertini, one of the most beloved Italian Presidents, a trip between Italy, France and Spain investigates the current crisis in the light of a past that now seems so far away.

  • Director: Lucia Senesi
  • Writer: Lucia Senesi
  • Country: Italy
  • Release date: 2016
  • Production Co: Abuelita
  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Color: Color
  • Mix: Dolby